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Beal 5mm Accessory cord is very useful diameter for many applications. If wanting for use as a “Prusik” hitch we would highly recommend 6mm (given the ultimate breaking strength difference between the two). A few meters of 5mm Cord is a perfect additive to your general camping kit!

Specification for Beal 5mm Accessory Cord

  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Weight per metre: 19.5g
  • Breaking load: 650 daN(~kg)
  • Standards:   EN564, CE, UIAA
  • Colour: Red (with blue and yellow fleck) may vary from image shown
  • Enter as Quantity the number of Metres you require
  • Your desired length is professionally cut and sealed with a Hot Knife.

More Cord Options…

Please note: Not to be used as climbing rope.


Accessory Cord
Diameter Weight per metre Breaking load
2mm 2.4g 70 daN(~kg)
3mm 6.5g 180 daN(~kg)
4mm 11g 400 daN(~kg)
5mm 19.5g 650 daN(~kg)
6mm 23g 810 daN(~kg)
7mm 31g 1170 daN(~kg)
8mm 40g 1530 daN(~kg)