Rainforest Rock-Climbing Tour

Immerse yourself in nature with our premium Rianforest Rock-Climbing Tour and only 25 minutes from Cairns, Firstly you will find this unique site set on the banks of the Barron River. Then nestled within a lush North Queensland rainforest environment. Then you’ll get some great views of the gorge, river and surrounding hill tops. Finally we will explore all aspects of this site with a variety of rock climbing, caving and abseil activities, all in the one tour!

Rainforest Rock-Climbing Tour

  • Includes in-town hotel pickup (Cairns to Palm Cove)
  • Personalised tours (generally two) with a maximum of four participants
  • Family of three or four, we do a tour for you.
    Simply select the discounted family option upon booking
  • We cater to all levels of experience and ability
  • Multiple Rock Climbing, Abseil & Caving activities
  • Four hour return tour, with up-to three hours on site
  • All equipment including climbing shoes provided
  • Professional, experienced guidance and instruction
  • Explore a stunning yet not so well advertised part of Cairns with Topknot Climbing

Climbing grades and activities tailored to the first timer and seasoned climber!

*Childeren are to be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

There are many easy to mid ranged routes on offer, which makes this site well suited to all levels of climbing ability. Climbing grades from “8” through to “22” under the “Ewbank” grading system used in Australia.


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Detailed Site Info & International Grading Chart..



Departures from 7:00 am.

Once out of town the 20 minute scenic drive finds us at our site destination.

This lush tropical rainforest location is set on the banks of the Barron River

Once equipment is fitted and adjusted its time to start the first set of activities.

Overall experience a great mix of Rock Climbing, Abseil and Caving activities.

Ultimately this tour takes us up, down, inside and around one massive granite boulder!

We finish up around 10:30 am, pack-down and have you back in town around 11:00 am.
A morning packed full of adventure!

If you like outdoor adventure, this tour is definitely for you!


Discover hidden site aspects with multiple Climbing, Caving and Abseil activities.
What this rainforest site lacks in sheer height makes up for in variety of routes.
You will have the opportunity to try different climbing techniques on smearing slabs, lay-back flake, arete and face climbs. Also off-width crack through to proper chimney cracks.
Safety is managed using both top and bottom belay techniques

If you have interest in our local Flora and Fauna. A variety of butterflies can bee seen (including Cairns Birdwing & Ulysses).
Birdlife regularly sighted include flocks of Metallic Starling hurtling through the canopy at warp speed, Lorikeets, cheeky Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.
Birds of prey, Osprey and Brahminy Kite cruise the gorge above Lake Placid in search of dinner.
Down at the fisheries protected Lake Placid provides good habitat for numerous fish species. Including Archer fish and freshwater turtles to name a few.
Flora consists of several types fig tree, epiphytic basket ferns, butterfly host vines. Plus pencil orchids and many other native rainforest plant species.



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13 Reviews for “Rainforest Rock-Climbing Tour”

  1. Kim

    What an excellent guide Peter is! Took my daughter for her first climb and he had her (and me) feeling comfortable and confident in no time. Very friendly and professional. Great location, lots of variety. Highly recommend!!

  2. Alex

    This is truly a gorgeous place to climb! The routes are really interesting, while being well suited for beginners as well.

  3. Eric

    We had the best day ever with Peter in Barron Gorge. My kids (11 and 9) have climbed a lot at many indoor rock climbing gyms, but not very much outdoors. Peter made sure they felt comfortable, guaranteed their safety, then very subtly introduced them to new concepts about climbing outdoors -- how to trust your climbing shoes, how to look for a line, etc. The Barron Gorge area is super convenient, and has something for everybody -- but the icing on the cake is the CAVE! It's not really a cave, but rather a split in a huge, mega rock -- perhaps 60 or 80 feet deep. It's dark within, but there is some sunlight from the top that enables you to see, once your eyes adjust. I've been around climbing for nearly 30 years, and I've never heard of something like this being so accessible to non-climbers. Thanks for being such a generous host, Peter!

  4. Nathan

    My brother and I had the best morning climbing, abseiling and caving with Pete! He had so much knowledge of the local area and made the whole experience very worth while.

  5. Prune De La Hou....

    Thanks for the wonderful climbing moment ! Thanks to you, i will practice climbing when I come back to France !! Nice pictures it's one of my best memories in Cairns ! Kind Regards

  6. Mel Nizolek

    Had a fantastic time with Pete last Sunday - loved the challenge, adrenaline and the beautiful backdrop to Split Rock. Would definitely recommend to both beginners and the more experienced. Well worth the money! :-)

  7. Derek Beacroft

    I booked with Pete from the UK Never done this before and was surprised at the good advice and calm approach for beginner's. thoroughly enjoyed the day with my son on the ropes, Toproping, chimneying and a bit of abseiling. Well worth the money and a great part of my holiday to Aus. Derek & Edward

  8. Brad Collins

    Unbelievable day! Started the morning just two of us with pete! Awesome guide! Some amazing climbing with stunning views over the gorge! Would highly recommend!!!

  9. Mario

    Very nice day, beautiful scenerie and lots of fun.

  10. Michael

    I can't recommend this enough. I was lucky enough to be all alone with Pete for the morning. Interesting routes from more casual to challenging in a beautiful location. Safety is well looked after, and I felt I was in good hands. This should be more heavily marketed than it is since it offers a truly amazing experience to travelers.

  11. Julie

    Fantastic morning,physically and mentally challenging, rewarding and loads of fun!

  12. Gavin

    Excellent morning at split rock. Pete has a very good knowledge of climbing and supported us individually and challenged us to each of our abilities. Awesome will defiantly do again.

  13. Ulla

    Thanks for an awesome day!


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