2mm Cord

Purple, Orange

Beal 2mm accessory cord, great for general use, can be used for guy ropes, tie things to your backpack, adjustable wrist bands or necklace, loops for carrying a Tibloc or similar, tying your chalk bag around your waist, tying to zips or for keeping keys together. More Beal rope options.

Specification for Beal 2mm Accessory Cord

  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Weight per metre: 2.4g
  • Breaking load: 70 daN(~kg)
  • Colour: Purple (pink & yellow fleck) may vary from image shown
  • Enter as Quantity the number of Metres you require
  • Your desired length is professionally cut and sealed with a Hot Knife.

More Cord Options…

Please note: Not recommended for climbing use. Not to be used as climbing rope.


Accessory Cord
Diameter Weight per metre Breaking load
2mm 2.4g 70 daN(~kg)
3mm 6.5g 180 daN(~kg)
4mm 11g 400 daN(~kg)
5mm 19.5g 650 daN(~kg)
6mm 23g 810 daN(~kg)
7mm 31g 1170 daN(~kg)
8mm 40g 1530 daN(~kg)