The Christmas chalk bag bonanza at the Boulder Park 2015

Fun challenging competitions with sweet prizes – Quality Australian hand made chalk bags by Parallel – Outdoor Textiles

Soon available for sale in Far North Queensland through Topknot Climbing

OK back to the session:

Climbing Tiggy started the session – a few minor prizes

Climbo – knockout began with 3 groups witling down to 4 finalists – what a comp! with the deserving winner receiving the blue fluffy chalk bag (cookie the monster) 🙂 20151215_173808_resized



Addons – knockout, in the end the final two agreed to share the Mega bag of Wild Country pure chalk. 20151215_182235

Finally Awards.
Young Achiever – Kye Kudo, not for recently breaking both wrists on a fully sick skate board move, but for the time and effort put into his climbing. It definitely shows or is definitely showing us up!. Well done Kye. 20151215_180452-1 Most Tenacious – Danielle Szczepina, over the past year proving her physical and mental strength, solving problem after problem, holding her own against the best of them. Top job Danielle.

A special mention to Mick, Michael, Lachlan and James for donating their time after the recent upgrade, assisting with new routing at the park – a time intensive job, but so worth it!.

Thanks to everyone one who supported this particular Active Living Program throughout 2015
Brought to you By The Cairns Regional Council
Without you guys these Boulder Park sessions would not exist.

Thankyou have a safe and happy Christmas, we do hope to see you next year.
Pete, Topknot Climbing

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