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The AXIS Steel Wide-D Screwgate Carabiner. A great new range of carabiners and related equipment designed for group use, caving, rescue, SES, Defence, climbing, rope access and height safety related activities. Topknot Climbing can source the full range at a great price. Axis has three decades of manufacturing history. As a result products have been developed to the highest standards under a strict ISO 9001 quality system. And each item is individually batched for traceability. And complies with CE requirements for PPE equipment. For the group user or industrial customer, Certificates of Compliance are available on request as are copies of test certificates.

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Steel Wide-D Screwgate Carabiner Features

  • A Snag-Free nose.
  • Certified instructions included.
  • Individually tested to 16kN.
  • Individual serial numbered.
  • Batch numbered.
  • Style numbered.
  • CE certified.


Long Force: 53kN
Cross Force: 16kN
Open Force: 18kN
Gate Open: 27mm
Length: 119mm
Width: 78mm
Weight: 261g