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The RockLock Screwgate Alloy Carabiner is Black Diamond’s largest locking carabiner, the RockLock is perfect for belaying, rappelling or anchors, and now features a hot-forged lightweight construction, a redesigned spine for better handling, and a larger rope-bearing surface for greater durability.

RockLock Screwgate Alloy Carabiner Specifications.

Weight: 85 g (3 oz)
Closed Gate Strength: 24 kN (5395 lbf)
Open Gate Strength: 8 kN (1798 lbf)
Minor Axis Strength: 8 kN (1798 lbf)
Gate Opening: 24 mm (0.95 in)

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The Square hinge end holds belay loop securely in place.
A Slightly curved spine maximizes the gate opening.
The Keylock nose prevents snagging.
Can use one-handed.
With a screwgate sleeve
Type H or HMS connector. For dynamic belaying using a Munter Hitch or belay device.