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The Black Diamond RockLock Magnetron Autolocking Carabiner uses the power of magnets to reinvent the auto-locking carabiner. It combines maximum security and ease of use like never before. Magnetron Technology uses two magnetic arms in the gate, and a steel insert in the carabiner’s keylock nose. As a result, the Magnatron is an ultra-secure, self-clearing and redundant locking mechanism, that can easily be used with either hand. Our classic RockLock shape is ideal for belaying, making anchors or rappelling, and its keylock nose prevents snagging on slings and ropes.

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RockLock Magnetron Autolocking Carabiner Features

  • An innovative gate design uses two magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the nose for super secure, interference-free closure.
  • The Keylock nose prevents snagging.
  • Easy operation with either hand.
  • The square hinge end holds belay loop securely in place.
  • A slightly curved spine maximizes gate opening.
  • A type H or HMS connector. For dynamic belaying using a Munter Hitch or belay device.