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CamelBak Charm Women’s

Not all of us want to lug around a bunch of gear that we don’t need when we’re hitting the trail on foot or two wheels – which is why the CamelBak Charm Women’s hydration pack is the perfect minimalist model.

The Charm gives you space for your keys, phone, cards and cash – so you won’t be weighed down when you’re on the move.  This pack is designed specifically for women, so it features an S shaped curved harness, and a shorter torso length for a more comfortable overall fit. It also has velvet feel lining on the back so you can wear it next to your skin on a hot day, and not have it rub and irritate.

We didn’t think Camelbak could improve on their hydration system, but they’ve managed to do just that with their new Crux reservoir. This system now delivers 20% more water per sip, and is now more ergonomic and easy to fill. For the streamlined riders and runners out there – the Charm hydration pack is built especially for you.

  • Minimal design
  • Space for your keys, phone, cards and cash
  • S shaped curved harness
  • Shorter torso length

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In Use Dimensions:
33L x 22W x 10D cm
Packed Dimensions:
33L x 22W x 3D cm
Less than 0.5L
Women’s Specific | Ventilated
Hydration Compatibility:
1.5L Crux™ Reservoir
Sternum Strap:
Adjustable | Hose Clip
0.15 Kg
Suggested Use:
Road Bike | Mountain Bike