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Beal Industrie 11mm Semi Static Rope is an extremely versatile 11mm (EN1981 Type A) semi static rope

The Beal Industrie 11mm Semi Static Rope is widely used for recreational abseil activities, toprope climbing, commercial and group used also by arbotists and for rope access work.
Well priced in the Australian market, and growing a strong following.
High abrasive resistance which translates into a great all round abseil rope option.
Conforms to “rescue” rope standards over 3 Tonne breaking strain and different colour sheath vrs core.



Weight:   73 grams per metre

Sheath Percentage:    36%

Breaking Strain:   3200 kg

Colour:   White (blue fleck)

Climbing Rope, (unless you’re a just into bouldering) is one of the most important pieces of equipment used to manage safety.

Yes buying climbing rope is expensive! However, add up the technology used in construction. Plus the stringent testing and strict standards it must meet before going to market. Include the handeling and freight from accross the globe. And not to mention this stuff literally has your life resting on it. Climbing rope is worth every cent!

There are two main types of rope. Firstly “Low Stretch” and Secondly “Dynamic”. Both have a core and sheath (Kernmantle). The core delivers strength. And the sheath protects the core.
Yachting rope is similar in construction but does not undergo the hard core testing and standard required as climbing ropes.
Warning Do Not use yachting rope for anything climbing related!

The focus here is a low stretch rope

Conforming to EN1891 standards and designed to have minimal stretch, low sheath slippage also extremely durable given the environment they are used. They include “Static Rope” and “Semi-Static Rope”
Primarily, Static rope is used for abseil purpose. In the context of Rescue, Caving and Rope Access.
Semi-Static rope again used within these contexts, however having a little more stretch makes the standard rope choice for arborists, But also for recreational climbers looking for a versatile rope that will double for Top-Roping and Abseil use. Add awesome durability at a great price! If you’re not into lead climbing, a semi-static rope is a smart choice.