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The Black Diamond Airnet Men’s Harness is great harness for the Tropics.
Built for the 2020 Olympics in collaboration with Adam Ondra.

The airNET features airNET technology, Which keeps the harness ultra-light yet comfortable.
It features an Infinity Belay Loop, which creates the ultimate competition harness on the market.

Featuring patented airNET Technology which is ultra-breathable for high-end performance.  Also distributing the load evenly across the net during a fall.

It also includes a patented Infinity Loop for belaying, The loop is durable, low profile, and eliminates the dreaded belay-loop-shift when dogging a route. And comes in at a  featherweight 235 grams (men’s medium).

Included are two pressure molded gear loops in the front. While keeping the rear gear loops low-profile webbing.

The Black Dynex lower and upper tie-in points are durable and light. The seamless, tapered edges of the waistbelt and leg-loops proved next-to-skin comfort during intense redpoints.

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Airnet Men’s Harness Specifications:

Series: Specialty Series
Weight: 235 g (8.3 oz)


  • The Athlete driven design was in collaboration with Adam Ondra.
  • The Patented airNET Technology is ultra-breathable for high-end performance while distributing loads evenly across the “net” during falls.
  • Black Diamond’s patented Infinity Loop for belaying, which is durable, lightweight and seamless.
  • It includes two pressure molded gear loops in front. Lightweight low-profile webbing gear loops in back.